Chandanathi Body Coolant Oil
Chandanathi Body Coolant Oil

Chandanathi Body Coolant Oil

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  • Suitable for Combination Skin
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Soothes irritated skin
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    Chandanathi Body Coolant Oil
    Chandanathi Body Coolant Oil


    100 ml in glass bottle with pump


    Chandanathi Thailam (Oil) balances Pitta dosha. This excellent oil is known to eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation, and relieve sleeplessness and nervous tension. It also nourishes dry and dehydrated skin. It is prescribed to relieve burning sensations and dizziness too.

    Infused with pure sandalwood and Asvagandha, it is an excellent ayurvedic preparation to cool the body. Pure desi cow’s milk nourishes the skin while Manjishta and liquorice lighten and tone the skin. It contains lily and lotus petals to hydrate and moisturise the skin.


    Apply required quantity from head to toe. For best results, give a gentle massage for 15 min. Leave it for 30 min and have a bath.


    Chandanathi Thailam (Oil) - Natural coolant, relieves burning sensations
    Sandalwood – Acts as a coolant cures burning sensations
    Sariva - Refreshes the body
    Lotus & Lily – Retains moisture
    Green gram – Nourishes the skin
    Sesame oil - Nutrient-rich base oil
    Gokshura - Reduces the ill effects of free radicals and provides lustre to the skin
    Liquorice - Contains micronutrients that help control dandruff
    Manjishta - Heals environmental damage.
    Castor oil - Replenishes and softens the skin
    Kachura - Relieves stress and cools the body
    Asvagandha – Skin & muscle rejuvenator