Neem Foot Scrub
Neem Foot Scrub

Neem Foot Scrub

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  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Heals cracks
  • Softens feet
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    Neem Foot Scrub
    Neem Foot Scrub


    50g in Glass Jar


    A natural source of moisture and nourishment, Tuya's neem foot scrub effectively heals cracked skin and dry feet. It is easily absorbed by the skin and keeps the feet moist, hydrated, soft and supple. It also exfoliates and disinfects skin, for smooth and odourless feet


    This Ayurvedic neem scrub, infused with the goodness of Tulsi, gently exfoliates dead cells and rough skin on feet. Neem protects the skin from infections while Tulsi refreshes the skin. The scrub also contains Coconut oil to help retain moisture.


    Wash your foot. Take a small quantity and gently massage it on wet foot for a minute. Rinse well. Repeat on the other foot. For best results, follow it up with the TUYA Neem Foot Pack and TUYA Cassia Foot Cream, for a complete foot care routine.


    Tulsi - Possesses antiseptic properties and soothes inflammation. Enhances the activity of antioxidant enzymes. Protects skin against the infections.
    Narikela - A natural moisturiser and skin nourisher
    Nimba - It has anti-microbial and antiseptic actions. It has potent properties to reduce itching, skin inflammation and skin irritation.